Thrilled with Pippa, our bernedoodle!!

We purchased Pippa in July 2020 when she was 8 weeks old. This was our very first dog for our family and we were nervous at making a good choice. Tom put us at ease, constantly sent pictures of their gorgeous farm, pippa’s mom and dad and of course Pippa herself.

Fast forward almost 2 years and although we are bias, most people will agree once they spend time with her that Pippa is the best dog they’ve ever been around. She is incredibly gentle, yet playful when engaged. She is the most loving and cuddly dog yet strong and fast. She was very easy to house train and an all around easy going dog. We have 2 small children that definitely roll all over her and she is the sweetest most patient dog with them. We could not ask for a better dog. Oh and people constantly stop us when we are out on walks, always remarking how beautiful she is! We love her so much and are so happy with our choice to buy from First Choice Family Pet.

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