Stud Service

Who we are

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to consider our stud service.

We’re a family of 5 happily living in the small town of Lititz Pennsylvania on our 6-acre property where we have the luxury of raising our family and our extended Family [ furry friends ] in the beautiful wide open spaces in a country environment.

We offer superior Topnotch stud service for your female dog.

Our boarding facility is very clean and proper sanitation is always a top priority.

Proper care and handling of your family Pet are always managed in very professional caring family practice, your PET will be cared for with the best of standards.

Our boarding facility is climate controlled with air-conditioning, heat & fresh air intake exchangers to always assure clean fresh air in the boarding areas.

For the safety and security of your family pet:

  • Each boarding area is monitored 24/7 with security cameras 
  • Our entire property is monitored  24/7 with security cameras 
  • All entrance doors are monitored with Wi-Fi locks .

First Choice takes great pride in security, we understand that your dog is family to you, and we take every precaution to keep your dog safe during the duration of stud service.

What We Offer

First Choice offers a wide variety of poodle studs, standards, moynes, and minis with many options for color combinations.

All of our studs are genetically tested for color and health. This allows us to choose what Stud is a perfect fit for your female based on the genetics of both male and female dogs.

We have specific criteria that need to be met before your dog arrives at our facility to ensure that we can be diligent to keep any/all diseases out of our facility, and also protect our stud dogs and customers’ pets.

First Choice Family Puppies Transport Van

Stud Service Options We Provide

Inhouse @ Our Residence /Mobile Service @ Your Residence

Stud service performed at First Choice Family Puppies' INC


  • Natural breeding
  • AI Breeding

First Choice Family Puppies Location

Stud Service Cost

when your female dog is ready to go home, breeding service must be paid in FULL prior to taking the female dog home

How can I have peace of mind that my upfront investment is a wise choice?

Throughout our stud service experience, we had 95% success with past females, being pregnant and having puppies.

If for any unknown reason that your dog does not have any puppies, as a guarantee policy. we will perform another breeding @ only 20% of the current breeding cost on the same female in the future

Mobile Stud Service

How works

Step 1

When you recognize your dog is in her heat cycle, immediately call us with the contact information below this page.

Step 2

At this point a team member from First Choice Family Puppies would come out to your property, draw a blood sample from your dog and run a PROGESTERONE test and then within 20 minutes we will have results as to where your dog is at in the heat cycle, if at that point your dog tests at the perfect number we will perform the first stud service immediately, no NEED to have to call around after you have test results to quickly try to locate a stud dog and then hope to find a Stud available. We’re you one stop source for the perfect future litter.

What’s included with your Mobile Service?

  1. 3 Progesterone Tests
  2. Brucellosis Test
  3. 3 Trips to your residence


  • Natural breeding
  • AI Breeding

Additional Mobile Service Cost

You will find the stud service that we provide will be very comparable to other breeders, but there will be additional charges for the mobile service, we already know that because you as the customer are not needing to move your female dog, although the additional charge will be minor. What’s your time worth? I feel this will be a very simple decision after you see how smoothly the process takes place at your residence.

Mobile Fee charged in 15 Mile radius increments starting with address: 21A Buch Mill Road

Contact Information   717-629-2829

Studs We Offer