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About First Choice Family Puppies

We are a small family puppy breeder, we live on a small 6 acre farm located in Lititz, Pa. As a small family breeder, we interact with all our adult dogs and puppies daily. We take pride in making sure our puppies and adult dogs have the best life where the dogs can have interaction with family on a daily basis.

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Why choose First Choice Family Puppies

Our puppy parents always have access to an acre of exercise yard area, we DO NOT keep our adult dogs in tight cramped spaces, we feel giving our dogs freedom in a fenced area is great for their health, joints, hips and elbows. We as a family have been breeding dogs for 7+ years we feel as though we understand our dogs, and we value the interaction and the freedom that we give to each dog.

  • Our puppies are always raised on non-slip, heated floors.
  • Being clean and sanitary is our top priority, when this is properly managed there is so much less chance of any diseases that will arise throughout the whelping period.
  • We keep our puppies with the mother dog as long as we possibly can ,we don’t do an early weaning from mom, we feel strongly that mother’s affection and nutrition in the milk is very important to develop healthy puppies.
  • Oral worming applications are given at a very young age for the puppies as we try to be proactive with all treatments ,instead of treating issues that are already present.
  • Our puppies only leave to go to their forever home after they have been vet checked and all vaccines and proper worming applications have been finalized.
  • When you arrive to either look at a future puppy purchase or to come and purchase your puppy you will notice immediately that we pride ourselves in a very clean property, a very tidy & clean office area.
  • When you purchase a puppy from us you will have all proper documentation, vet records, sales agreements and a 6-month health guarantee.
  • If your puppy is registered, you will receive your registration papers at the time of pickup of your puppy.
  • We are also willing to show customers the whelping area.
  • We ARE NOT a puppy mill we are a family breeder that understands dogs have been created people to be cared for by families and to be loved by people and not intended just for reproduction and profit reasons.

Delivery Options

We will deliver to many nearby states of Pennsylvania. 

We can also nanny your puppy on an airplane or meet you at our local airport.

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